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BLACK BURO x "Angels of Azov"
Friends, let's support those who defend our country!

Since 2014, the Patronage Service "Angels of Azov" has enveloped our warriors with an invisible shield of care. The difficulties overcoming, providing medical assistance, rehabilitation, support in prisoner exchanges - all of this is their invaluable work.

Since February 24, 2022, they've helped to heal more than 1,700 warriors. It's a tremendous contribution to our shared future, to which you can also contribute.

Creating beauty by helping others is the embodiment of BLACK BURO's principles, that's why we are launching a limited series of silver jewelry.

70% of the price of each piece of jewelry will be directed towards supporting the "Angels of Azov" service.

Each piece of jewelry has an engraving with a quote from prominent Ukrainians or slogans of Ukrainian military formations.

May the quote you choose become a personal talisman that provides strength and instills belief in the future. And your donation when purchasing the jewelry will bring Ukrainians closer to overcoming the age-old enemy.

Choose the path that leads to victory.
Support the "Angels of Azov"

Summer drop about "Childhood Memories" — with dumplings, little lambs, heart-shaped rings and rings with colorful stones.

For each person, childhood memories are something unique, warm, and special.
For us, they're about summers at grandma's in the village of Lyutizh.

"A dream of a summer in the village at grandma's. Where you squint your eyes at the sun when step out of the house. Where you wash your face with icy water from the well. Where you spend the whole day playing with the little chicks, examining bugs, and smelling the tomatoes in the garden.
Then grandma calls you to eat, and on the table, there's a deep plate of dumplings with cabbage and crispy bits — your favorites…"

— from the memories of our designer

Almost every Ukrainian family has its own tragic history related to the Holodomor.
The "Law of 5 Spikelets" provided for execution with confiscation of all property for allegedly "stealing the property of state-owned enterprises and collective farms of the USSR". In fact, Ukrainians were prohibited to own food.

Between 1931 and 1940, 182173 people were sentenced under this law.
And in the period from 1932 to 1933, almost 4 million Ukrainians died from the Holodomor.

With the collection, we want to remind you that in Ukrainian culture, the spikelet symbolizes agriculture, hard work, hospitality and peacefulness.
And nowadays it has become one of the most important symbols of the resilience of the Ukrainian people in the Russian-Ukrainian war.
We can create the future only when we know our history

BLACK BURO is a brand centered around traditional Ukrainian symbols, as well as universally recognized motifs that resonate with us.

The HEART - a genuine statement symbol, embodying love and devotion. It's a symbol that occupies the entire "jewelry space" on the wrist, neck, or ears.
Our HEARTS can be personalized for yourself or your significant other, by adding any desired engravings
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