Due to war in Ukraine we are limited in production processes. Please allow 3-7 work days for your order to be prepared and shipped
BLACK BURO is a Kyiv-based jewelry brand that combines traditional Ukrainian symbols, childhood memories, and contemporary trends. The predominant materials used are silver, rhodium, gold plating, and precious gemstones.

Following the onset of a large-scale invasion, BLACK BURO created a series of charitable necklaces featuring quotes from well-known Ukrainians, with all proceeds going to the "Angels of Azov" foundation. By purchasing a piece from this series, you're not only making a donation but also receiving an exquisite accessory.

"The brand's main concept revolves around the attempt to transport you back to a state of dreaminess, tranquility, and calm. This state can be experienced by individuals who are familiar with their nation's history, appreciate Ukrainian symbolism, and aren't afraid to immerse themselves in childhood memories", - according to the designer
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